Friday, February 13, 2015

Flash Back Friday

December 2010 - Thought this was good for Valentine's day tomorrow!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feeding the Meters

12-14 Christmas-0908
Ugg, you still have to use coins in some of the downtown meters in GR. We made the best of it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coffee Snobs

12-14 Christmas-0916
When Edward was home for Christmas, I realized what a coffee aficionado he had become. I took him down to one of Grand Rapid's finest coffee shops "MadCap" for a pour over coffee. We bought an apparatus to make it at home, too. That was a memorable and fun part of our Christmas break.

 12-14 Christmas-0915-Edit

12-14 Christmas-0912
Love the beakers!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bible Study Friends


This past January, I got together for supper with these women who I was in a Bible study with last fall. We had such a sweet time at our reunion but our friend Emily couldn't make it. We are hoping to start together again in March (when it gets warmer-ish) and do a study on the Sabbath based on a book by Marva Dawn who I heard speak at Calvin last week.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

February Already!

This year is going by so fast and I haven't been taking many photos. I admit, I haven't been inspired and I need to get that back. No kids home, my cat is crabby, not a very pretty winter yet. NO EXCUSES! I did have a fun session one morning January 13 with frozen bubbles outside when it was 6 degrees below zero!!! That was fun.

01-15 January Bubbles-1085-Edit

01-15 January Bubbles-1020-Edit

01-15 January Bubbles-1048-Edit

01-15 January Bubbles-1034

01-15 January Bubbles-0990-Edit

There are 55 photos in the set. It really is amazing how fascinating this was!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Happy New Year!

12-14 Christmas-0922-Edit
Taken on 12/31/14

Edward, Maria & Bridget were all running around on the last day of 2014 getting ready to go to their various get-together/parties for new Year's Eve. Suddenly, I realized this would be the last time they would all be together before they went their separate ways - one to the east coast, one to the west coast, and one back to college. I lived deeply with them in that moment and was able to keep a good reminder of it (see above). I'm so thankful they all remember how I love it when they look at me and smile.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Beauty of 2014

Here are some of the favorite photos I took during each month of 2014 for this last day of the year post. It's getting harder to pick a favorite photo for each month so I picked a few for each month. When you hear statistics such as 10% of all photos taken have been taken in the past year and every 2 minutes we take as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800's, it's easy to see why. (I have taken probably 12,000 alone this year). When I do take pictures at an event of friends or family or other beautiful things, it helps me to remember them and I am so thankful for all these moments. And I remember He is present even in the times when I am not hyper-aware with my camera. May God bless you and His face shine on you in 2015. Let it be so.


01-14 Grand River-0798-Edit-2-1
John fishing in the snow on the Grand River.

1-14 Snowy Owl-0281-Edit-1
Snowy Owl in GR


02-14 sem pond-0398-Edit-27
Bridget jumping in the Sem Pond at Calvin College.

02-14 orchid-0412-17
Orchids for Valentine's Day


03-14 Florida-0977-Edit-1

03-14 Florida-1003-Edit-166

03-14 Florida-0922-Edit-2-Edit-1
Tiffany's wedding in Florida


04-14 california-1658-Edit

04-14 california-1654-Edit
Santa Monica Beach, California

04-14 Bridget Birthday-1828-Edit
Bridget's Birthday


05-14 BA Senior Exhibition-1929-Edit

05-14 BA Senior Exhibition-1930

05-14 Maria Calvin Grad-3003
Sacred Dimensionality (Maria's Senior Art Exhibit)

05-14 Maria Calvin Grad-3159-Edit
Maria's Graduation


06-14 poppy-3590-Edit
My friend Faith's French Bulldog puppy

06-14 flowers-3393-Edit

06-14 flowers-3392-Edit


07-14 Dock pix-4991-Edit
The Dock Family

2014-7 dykhouse-5557
The Dykhouse Family


2014-8 Josh& Hannah-7164

2014-8 Josh& Hannah-1162

2014-8 Josh& Hannah-6552-Edit
Hannah & Josh's Wedding

8-14 Baltimore-7604-Edit
A fun, colorful photo on a street corner in Baltimore, the city where Maria moved.


09-14 Seattle-7879
Edward in front of his apartment in Seattle

09-14 Seattle-7886-2
Ferris Wheel Reflections

09-14 Seattle-7978
Pike Place Market

09-14 Seattle-8041
Seattle Skyline


10-14 Apotheker-99167-Edit
Ruthie, Miriam & Simon

10-14 VanVliet-9357-Edit
The VanVliet's (that one time when their dogs were all looking at me)

2014-10 Bridget & Friends-9672-Edit
Bridget & Friends

2014-10 Fall-0234-Edit
Japanese Maple in our front yard


2014-11 Thanksgiving-0630-Edit-Edit
Maria & Bridget in Baltimore and the heart in the middle.

2014-11 Thanksgiving-0454-Edit
Maria & Bridge overlooking Harper's Ferry

2014-11 Thanksgiving-0390-Edit
Maria & Bridget amid the ruins of St. John's Episcopal Church.


2014-12 West Point-0708

2014-12 West Point-0732-Edit

2014-12 West Point-0776-Edit
Heather & Vincent's wedding at West Point

2014-12 Christmas-0853-Edit-2
Bailey, the Queen Mother's Golden Doodle

2014-12 Christmas-0829

2014-12 Christmas-0856-Edit-2-Edit
Edward's Golden Birthday

All good things to you in 2015!