Sunday, February 19, 2006


Yesterday, John & I went to the Homecoming basketball game at Calvin College. The average age in the stands excluding the students was about 70 because if you think about it, people our age with kids are busy with their kids and not at the game. We took Edward with us so we were busy with him, but the Nellies didn't want to go. I pointed out all the great benefits of going to Calvin to Edward, but he told me he already knew. The game was a little anticlimatic but they won the MIAA championship at the end. To pass the time, I called my old college roomate while she was running errands in New York. I think she really wished she was there at the game(duh!). I did get to see Don Wilson, the awesome anthropology professor who married John & me.
I'm eating a bowl of grits right now and it's reminding me of driving through Georgia.

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