Monday, February 27, 2006


Did you know that Wintergreen Lifesavers emit blue/green sparks when you bite on them with your mouth open in the dark? I tried to demonstrate it to some of my co-workers in the bathroom today at work, but they must have been doing it wrong because they did not see the sparks. I saw the sparks in my mouth. I'm a believer in the sparks. At this point in time, they are not, however. I actually found the scientific explanation for it. It is called triboluminescence or TL which is light resulting from crushing or tearing. When the sugar crystals are crushed, the negatively charged electrons break loose and end up crashing in to nitrogen in the air and causing the blue sparks. You should try it sometime. It will light up your life.


Bridget said...

Hi mom i am only sending you this because u want me 2. i might as well make it worth reading though.Did you know that you were nominated for two grammy awards! The first one is funniest blog ever the second one is funniest person ever. they probably added those awards because they saw youre blog. so you are probably gonna win cause they just picked other nt so funny blogs.good luck!


Anonymous said...
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Marianna said...

Julia - I believe in the sparks, really, I do. I think I've even seen them before. Rock on.

Sister Mary

AirForceFun said...

I'm going to have to try the sparks experiment. The hard part will be remembering to pick up some of those mints the next time I am at walmart... :-P Have you tried dropping a handful of mentos into a 2-liter bottle of coke? Make sure you do it outside on the lawn. ;-) I haven't figured out the scientific explanation for it yet, but the reaction is impressive