Monday, March 20, 2006

Clark Goes to Washington

John is in Washington DC for a few days now at a computer geeky kind of conference. I love to hear the things that happened to him during his day. Like last year, he got shewed away from the White House when he was running by some Secret Service guys and then he saw Jordan's King Hussein. He didn't actually see him but saw a big motorcade going in to the White House and later heard who it was. Yesterday, he said he saw President Bush's dogs out on the White House lawn.
Last summer, we were there with the kids.
dc-obx05 044
We rode the subway all over town looking for what John claimed was the Mother of all Escalators and we never found it. When John called last night, he told the kids he had found it... it was right by the hotel where he stays! So maybe this summer we can go find it. Yay for the Griswalds.


AirForceFun said...

This weekend I took my girlfriend to The Truman Museum. They had The White House in Miniature exhibit there. It is the second year it has come to KC and I am glad I had a chance to see it; the 1st year I missed it. It was very impressive and I wish now that I could go to see the real deal.

Jewels said...

Clark took us to Independence, MO once and it was approximately 105 degrees there so all I remember is being hot.