Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Hair Cut

Maria had a haircut appointment today which she has been looking forward to for a long time. I knew she had wanted to get a new style for some time but I was trying to talk her out of it. Finally, I decided that I shouldn't keep making her carry the weight of my past around on her head....just because I had to get mine all cut off in the 7th grade...(long story having to do with a car and a few surgeries). Besides that, I could always tell when the Big Head of Hair was in my shower because the bottle of conditioner would be suddenly empty. Here is the long wavy hair we were talking about:
om 013
So we went to the haircut, I with my camera in hand to record this momentous event. And we proceeded with the haircut:
om 017
I even took a movie of the hair falling to the floor:

And she lost quite a load of hair:
om 012
But it turned out pretty sweet in the end!
om 009


Anonymous said...

Maria-So were embarassed while your mom was taking the video? well when I watched it and saw her in the mirror, I was embarassed for you. Anyway, I love the hair cut! I'm sure you'll like it a lot better. Love your Birthday Buddie!

John said...

The number to vote for Maria's hair is 1 (LUV) THE HAIR # 11

Standard text messaging fees apply.

Jewels said...

For the record, Maria was NOT embarassed. She is used to her mother "causing a scene".