Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hot Dog

hotdog 004
Today is hot dog lunch day for Edward at our house because it's Saturday and he loves hot dogs. He always has 2 hot dogs and I had to make one out of an old package and one out of a new package. One was a bun length hot dog and the other was regular size. One was Ball Park which plump when you cook em (actually plump and burst open in the microwave) and the other was Oscar Meyer which cook pretty normally. So one was short and fat while the other was tall and skinny, and Edward said that we have had an odd number of hot dogs ever since Grandma's dog Beatrix came in January and ate one.
mar05 011
Yes, she likes hot dogs.


Donna said...

That Beatrix is a real "hot" dog! Sweet! (I'm allowed to say this because she lives in my backyard and I speak the truth!)

Awesome blog Julia! "Grandma W." told me to let you know I was reading it and finding it interesting. Very cool. Didn't realize you were so funny---must get it from your mom?;-) Keep it up!

Your kids are great too! :-)

Jewels said...

Thanks for the comment, Donna. I wouldn't mind having Beatrix in my backyard.