Thursday, March 30, 2006

Life is good.

Today is Maria's 14th birthday! I can't believe I have a 14 year old daughter already. We are so excited, and to add to all that excitement, Aunt Andrea is 40!!! I'm about to bust open.
One year, their mutual birthday actually fell on Easter Sunday and we were actually together in Celeryville to celebrate. Talk about God lining up all the planets in a row with a blue moon that year! I had to take a picture of the grand event...
So have a happy 40th Aunt Andrea. We will be having angel food cake(Maria's favorite) and eating ice cream(Maria's true favorite) and opening presents and having Maria's best friend sleep over and watching movies and singing happy birthday and laughing and remembering the day you both were born all that long time ago.


Anonymous said...

"Sweet Maria" what a great birthday picture. I love kids birthday's I am going to make Allison's birthday's a big celebration. Thanks for sharing.

Aunt Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Maria!
I hope your day was as wonderful as mine. Angel food cake is my favorite too! I hope your mom put peanut M&M's on it. You were so cute when you were little, and still are! My mom sent me a card today and told me I was a beautiful baby 40 years ago!
God continues to bless everyday of my life.