Saturday, March 18, 2006


om 007

Maria's Odyssey of the Mind team competed in the regional tournament today and won 1st place! So they are headed to the State Finals in Traverse City. They are pictured above after they won their medals. And no, you are not seeing double on the end there, those two really do look alike. The props they made were phenominal but I forgot to bring my camera to the actual performance(duh!). I'll bring it to State.

On a much lesser note, Leo won the Kitty Odyssey at home according to Edward. He did a stunning performance as a beach kitty. Some points were deducted however for the improper fit of his sunglasses.

om 003

Edward actually did go to a Math tournament thingy today and he won a Sudoku book and a Mancala game. South Christian took 3rd place, but for the Sudoku contest, he found himself in with a group of "Sudoku geeks" which I never before imagined being found in groups.


John said...

Your kids are brilliant! Oh wait those are my kids too.

AirForceFun said...

I was once a fan of Mancala. My girlfriend is addicted to Soduko and has tried to get me into it, It makes me confused just looking at it... :-P