Thursday, March 02, 2006

Still a Space Cadet

This morning was just so smooth at our house. It was a typical gray Michigan morning. John had left at 6 am to go running at Calvin and I was looking out the window with the girls for the bus to come at 7:25 am. Bridget was telling me about how she heard rain on the window when she woke up at 5 am. I was so happy and calm not to have the TV on and I recalled how one of my coworkers was giving it up for Lent and yes, I would do that, too. Finally, at 7:43, I thought, what in the world? I said maybe we missed the bus. So we all piled in the van and I dropped Maria off at school. Then I took Edward to the high school. The guy standing there told me school was cancelled, so I left and pictured in my mind how I just had left my dear Maria at a dark school with an empty parking lot about 30 seconds prior to this. Evidentally, it was too icy to have school and that never even occurred to me on the way to school. Sharon later told me that her TV fast did not include the news.

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AirForceFun said...

Are you Catholic? I grew up in Minnestoa and we always listened to the Radio for school closures. I like your blog, you have a beautiful family. I was just kinda bored at work today, pretty much caught up on work and hit the 'next blog' button for the first time, and yours is the one it brought me too. :)