Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Story of the Wax Museum

This past week, Bridget's 5th grade class had a Revolutionary War Wax Museum. Each student had to pick a character, dress as the character, and write and perform a speech said by the character when you "pushed their button". They actually remained as frozen as a wax statue until you pressed the small circle drawn on their sign! Bridget was Molly McCauley who was known as Molly Pitcher, because when the soldiers would call "Hey Molly, pitcher", she would bring them a pitcher of water to drink.
varietyshow 006
The students were lined up around the gym and it was kind of like walking through a wax museum.
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Below is a picture of John listening to her speech. When the whole thing was over, she said she was glad it was over because she was tired of giving her Molly speech.
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She took it soooooo seriously and stayed in character the whole time even when John stood behind her. She had reprimanded me earlier for coming behind the line.
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She made an excellent Molly and we were proud of her!
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The End.


Sandy said...

Not sure it went through

Anonymous said...

Why bother Julia?

Jewels said...

That is a good question anonymous. I do it for those who may be interested in my life for whatever reason.

AirForceFun said...

The wax museum thing is a really great idea. In school I learned more from things like that because I put so much work into research and preparing.

John said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that your blog is just awesome. If I ever have a family someday, I'd be ecstatic if they were one-tenth as close nit as your's seems.