Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bridgie made up a new word...

...but it's kind of hard to pronounce. Today at church, they did a commissioning service for our family. It was a very nice send off, actually. We are going to be going to a new church in downtown GR for the next year. This morning, one of my old friends (she's 94) gave me a big hug and said, what are you going to do there? And I just looked at this dear old saint, not exactly sure what I was going to do there, and thought of the great thing she does right now in her old age which is to send out cards, and I said maybe I can send out cards, I don't know if they have anyone to do that. And this dear lady said, well, give me a list. John & I were talking about it with the kids yesterday and they were wondering if there were going to be any kids there, and I told them Dad will probably teach you catechism, and Bridget said, are there any kids in "fifthish" grade, and it was just so cute to watch that word make its way out through her little smile. dc-obx05 243-3dc-obx05 200-2

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