Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Culinary Confusion

So for supper one night this past week, I tried to recreate a certain good food memory I once had, but I inadvertantly recreated the wrong one, one of a more nauseating variety.
One time when my friend from New York was out here to visit, we were at Meijer picking up something with her twin sister and 2 0r 3 of my kids. Our husbands had dropped us off there while they drove their Winnebago fall05 022somewhere to get something fixed. (I know, pretty foggy memory so far.) In time, we grew hungry as we shopped around the store, so we ended up buying some turkey & crusty bread to eat. The husbands were to be picking us up soon, so we decided to go out in the parking lot, and in fact, we ended up in the parking lot of the store across the street because one of us thought it would be easier for them to pick us up with the Winnebago-ship over there. We would only have to sit on the parking lot near the road to flag them down while we ate our turkey and crusty bread. Yes, this was the food memory I was trying to duplicate, don't ask me why.
So I "made" this supper (like when Bridgie opens a can of fruit, it's called "making fruit") but the fly in the ointment to my culinary memory was I added some Leyden cheese to the menagerie. But the cheese was so overpowering that it instantaneously brought back a different food memory. This memory was one moment, a split second actually, out of a series of 10 days of nothing but blissful moments that happened in the Netherlands a few years ago and had something to do with a large waitress, maybe some BO, and probably a little bit of an upset stomach. This too is a bit of a fog. And now that I think of it, maybe it's the Leyden cheese that smells just a bit like BO, but just a bit. I guess this was a rather long story for not a lot of laughs, or anything even useful.


John said...

Wait, wait. I'm still stuck on the whole oedipal cat thing. There's a whole other story here we haven't heard about.

AirForceFun said...

It's amazing how a smell can be linked so strongly to a memory. Often the memory of the smell is more strong than the memory itself, if that makes any sense... When Cheyenne and I were driving around Oklahoma the entire county smelled odd. A slightly familiar oder that I couldn't place my finger on. At one particular mile in the road it smelled like onions, or a hog farm (not that they smell a like but it was kinda both). The rest of the time it reminded me of the aweful smell of a scum pond or that smell when you are cleaning out your fish tank after a fish died. eww. We never did figure out where the smell was eminating from, maybe a factory/processing plant, because the scent was spread so far.

Jewels said...

Sorry, I was using hyperbole. I was alone with my cat all week and he just felt unusually clingy to me since I was the only one around to give him attention.