Monday, April 24, 2006

Grammar Slap

My son Edward became an expert in grammar. Ever since 7th grade when he had the BEST English teacher in town, I mean the ultimate teacher of all teachers, he has been known to correct the grammar of anyone in our household. Back when he was in middle school, he used to give his little sisters "grammar slaps" if they would make an error in their speech. These slaps were more like love taps to encourage them along, although they didn't always see it that way. He doesn't do that anymore.
This past weekend, one of the fathers who came along to Traverse City was a pastor with extremely clear diction. He enunciated each syllable so clearly, and I told him I could listen to him all day. He reminded me a little of that guy who plays Ferris Bueller. At one point during the weekend, I found myself standing, amazed, between the pastor and his wife. The pastor said something like "I will go to this building," and the wife said something like,"And I will go to this building," and they went back and forth like this, and finally, I exclaimed,"You guys even speak in perfect grammar to each other!"
Now back to my family. We were riding in the van and Edward, not known for his enunciation said something that sounded like "waa-waa-waa-waa-English." I had to keep saying what, and it just kept sounding like waa-waa-waa-waa-English and finally John looks at me like I am a total idiot and says, "They have to do it in English." It was exactly at this point when I imagined how I might actually do better in the pastor & his wife's family.


Maeghan said...

Enjoyed your post. I have this tendency to be a "grammar slapper" too but stop short most of the time, thankfully - just don't think it will be appreciated.

I am rather intrigue with accents, wish I could hear the waa-waa-waa-English :)

Jewels said...

It sounded kind of like the teacher in the Peanuts cartoons.

Maeghan said...

:) I would have to google for a clip if there any out there in the internet. I have not seen any Peanuts cartoon; comics yes but not the cartoon.