Saturday, April 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Aunt Paula!

Paula gets to be 35 years old today! Here's a good shot of her doing an Elaine-ish dance with our mother laughing in the background:
dc-obx05 119 dc-obx05 120
Unfortunately, I do not have any digital images of when she was oh, in her backpacking paraphernalia or in that pink prom dress with a perm? Or going to a wedding with Billy?
So I hope she has a happy birthday even though she's not home to read this happy birthday wish.


Big Bev said...

Can you tell us all what an "Elaine dance" is? Am I missing something here?

Jewels said...

It is a dance that is a bit stiff and angular and generally not pretty to watch as performed by Elaine of Seinfeld.

Paula said...

Hey, I was really "workin' it" on that dance! Next time you may want to bring a video camera in order to capture and appreciate the full beauty and grace of my advanced technique. We know, your just jelous. ;) Hey, weren't YOU doing the "Y.M.C.A."?