Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

We went to our new church today and we were excited to be there! We had breakfast in the old warehouse where the church is located before the worship service began. I was talking to the band leader, Jeremiah, afterwords, and the drummer Daniel, and I told them how cool(meaning: effective) it was when they read the scripture(Mark 15) over the drum beat. Mark 15 is the crucifixion story and when that is read with the drum, it goes along with the suspense and then the excitement of the resurrection. I said I never thought of that being done before and they said they never did either. They said they never practiced it that way but the drummer said he was praying about it when he did it. Pastor Henry, Pastor Amy & a guest pastor gave short reflections on the Easter story. Jesus is risen!


Anonymous said...

Your experience sounds very dramatic and one that would leave an impression. Hope to see you June 3rd!


AirForceFun said...

When I was a child, my mom and I lived in Grand Forks, MN and we went to a Church there that did that. That had these huge kettle drums, it was amazing. even though I must have been 6-8 years of age, I still remember that church.