Friday, April 07, 2006

Makin' chicken

Today, I was home with the kids making some white chicken chili for supper. I was about to chop an onion and I told the kids to go wake up Leo because he always goes wild when I chop onions. In the frenzy, I chopped in to my finger and screamed, not because it hurt, but because now I was going to have to cook chicken with a band-aid on, and I always hate when that happens.
I had to go over near Panerra bread after this, so I picked up a loaf of bread to go with supper. I also shredded some Monterray Jack cheese to go on top. It was going to be sooooo goood. So we all sat down for supper, and after we prayed, John pops up like he does when he needs to add something to the supper (eg. barbecue sauce to a recipe that took hours) and I said, where are you going. He said, to get some Ritz crackers. I was appalled, so I said, this supper does not need Ritz crackers, we have PANERRA BREAD. So he sat back down, and I said, I suppose you can have Ritz crackers, but he said something like now he was too scared to get them, you don't mess with art.

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