Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Meaning of Life

Today, when I came to work at 7:45 am, the office was dark. Sharon is usually there before me, and if not, she is there soon after. But today, the time passed, and no Sharon. Finally, at 8:30 am, she walked in! I said something like, what in the world? and she said that she overslept. I asked her if she freaked out when she woke up and she just said, "No, I always say, whatever happens, happens." I just laughed and said, "You must have been hanging around me too long because my motto is, Wherever I am, I am." I guess it was too early to be thinking any deeper than this.

mass05 014
John in an Amherst, Massachusetts bookstore searching for some meaning.

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Maeghan said...

Hmmm ... I like your quote:
Wherever I am, I am ... deep.