Sunday, April 23, 2006

Odyssey of the Mind State Finals

We spent the weekend in Traverse City with Maria's OM team & their families while the team competed in the State finals. The coaches took the props up in a trailer:
om 016
Their props were very detailed:
om 018
And I only got pictures of 4 of the 7 of the team members in costume:
om 022om 025
Their performance about the Jungle Bloke went very well! At the awards ceremony, we found out they came in 5th place. This was a little disappointing, but they all got to stand up in this gym full of hot screaming people to be recognized:
om 007
They are actually the little gold group sitting in the middle of the floor while we were up in the hot, nose-bleed section.

We stayed in a condo in a golf/ski resort near Bellaire, Michigan and it was so peaceful and quiet. In the morning, I sat out on the deck with my coffee and listened to a chorus of birds singing their distinctive parts in the symphony of nature:
om 002
So that was our weekend. The kids & coaches had a great year together. They all agree that the process is the best part. Coach Bloem called the Finals a celebration of 2 things God loves: creativity and teamwork.


Maeghan said...

I love the balcony picture. Could I use it for church purposes? I produce slides for worship.

Jewels said...

Yes, of course. I would love it if you did use it!