Sunday, April 02, 2006

Y'all havin' fun?

I am having fun feeding the fish. They love it when I come down there! The kids seemed quite concerned with whether or not I could keep them alive, but then I reminded Bridget that I've kept 3 children alive quite successfully, and she said, true. I am, however, having more difficulty taking care of myself:
Example 1. Yesterday, I was feeling pretty chilled even though I was getting around like a marathon runner cleaning the house. I finally went over to the thermostat and cranked it up to 68 degrees. At night time, when I realized I was still cold, I went over and caught on to the fact that the thermostat was completely off. John did that.
Example 2. I ran out this morning in my PJ's to get the paper and locked myself out of the fortress. I had temporary visions of being barefoot and homeless with only the PJ's on my back and no lipstick on for the next few days, but thankfully, our key was still in its hiding place.
Note to my chillen: Hope y'all are havin' fun in the hot & humid 80's! Did you know that if all y'all's Momma were down South with ya, I'd be talkin' like this now? I ate up the rest of the chicken today, but I reckon I'll be makin' chicken again in a few days when yer home.

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