Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bridgie's Shutout

softball 015
softball 016
Okay, it may be a little dramatic to call it Bridgie's shutout but her team did win 6-0 tonight. It was Bridget's pitching debut this year on her new team and she did very well. She pitched for 2 innings tonight. It is so much fun watching her pitch, and since this is her third season pitching, I'm getting used to the pressure being on - she doesn't seem to mind.
softball 018

I was so excited about getting the ball in this shot below that I showed everyone in the bleachers.
The team record is 3-0 now.


Sister Mary said...

Julia - great pictures! I can really appreciate them because before the days of digital cameras - I took rolls and rolls of film trying to capture the baseball in shots when Trey pitched. Great job Bridgy - you're gonna have a fun season!

Jewels said...

Must be the ball was moving too fast!