Monday, May 22, 2006

Faces, Part Deux

I was thinking about the face recognition website, remember where it said I most looked like Jackie O.? And I was remembering about how much my mom looked like Jacqueline Kennedy back in the 60's because she had the bouffant hair thing going and she was a brunnette with brown eyes. (I wish I had an old 60's picture to put here). People always comment how much we look alike, except that I am a blonde haired, blue-eyed Jackie O (as I just found out). So when I got home from work today, I thought I would check it out. Based on the picture:
These are some of the people she looks like:
Liza Minelli 63%
Farah Fawcett 60%
Jacqueline Kennedy 56%

So anyway, I found this quite interesting, keeping in mind I suppose that we are all as different as snowflakes.

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