Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Mother!

Baby Bev
Today is my mom's birthday! This picture was taken many years ago, and it is really cool that it has now been preserved in binary code and presently is available in cyberspace. Here is another great picture if you are still wondering how old this Happy Days girl could possibly be (hint: she's older than me):

P.S. I called my mom this morning and left her a message singing Happy Birthday in a Marilyn Monroe fashion. She didn't recognize it when I talked to her later but said she thought I had a really good voice, as only a mother would say.


Anonymous said...

What a cute baby. I love the pictures it is nice that you have pictures of your mom as a keepsake.


Anonymous said...

Dear Julia,
I can't believe you have this picture of me in the formal! Where on earth did you get it? Really now, have I changed? Well, I certainly hope so. When I first started dating your father, he made me get contact lenses. Now we know why!
Thanks for remembering my birthday on your blog and also for the "Marilyn Monrow" phone call!