Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In Your Dreams, Leo

softball 024
Yesterday morning, Leo, our clawless wonder, was outside stalking a rabbit. He quite often will bring home baby bunnies, mice, or birds but this particular rabbit was as big as he is. It was just funny to watch him think about it. He proceeded to watch the girls get on the bus and then he came home.


AirForceFun said...

That's so funny! My roommate caught something last night, I have no idea what it was, there were very few entrails left on the door matt, a stomach and a heart. Kinda gross because it was dark and I went outside barefoot to sit on the porch swing and stepped on it. :-P I'm happy that she found something to hunt around my house though. She had alot more choices when she was living in the country at my mom's.

Jewels said...

Hope your foot is okay!