Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Life in the 21st Century, continued

may 002

I'll never forget Maria's excitement the day she learned you could play solitaire "outside of the computer."

A couple of weeks ago when we went to the 25K race John was in, we met some of the people that he communicates with on-line in the runner's forum on This is called meeting people outside of the computer.

Today, I realized that when Edward wiggles his fingers over the invisible keyboard in the air, he is trying to talk to me!

I read that story about "The Stranger" to my 3 kids the other day - the one about the stranger this guy's parents had allowed in the house and he could do & talk about whatever he wanted even if it wasn't in line with the family's values and it turns out his name was "TV." He also had a little sister named "Computer." My kids were mesmerized by the story, probably because I was actually reading them a story!


Maeghan said...

That was funny - playing solitaire out of the computer. I asked my son how can one play solitaire out of the computer. His answer: The Mac!! LOL

Have a great weekend!

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