Saturday, May 20, 2006



The only thing the picture above has to do with today's entry is that it has a picture of a sign in it. This actually was taken a few years ago during a really great moment when we came upon this town in the Netherlands which has something to do with our last name. But that is an entirely different story.
Today, we had a sort of garage sale out in our driveway. John spent a lot of time fussing with signs around the neighborhood, rigging them up with old cardboard, feltmarkers, tape, string, golf carts, telephone poles, you name it. He had a big one in our front yard. It was about noonish when he marched out toward this sign and said, "Seinfeld's on!" I thought that was really strange that the Seinfeld show would be on in the middle of a sunny Saturday and why would John care in the middle of the garage sale? So I said, What? And he said, as plain as mud, emphasizing each syllable, "The sign fell down." So ok then.

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