Friday, May 26, 2006

Sophomore Finale

Edward was excited to be playing in the South Christian High School Commencement ceremonies last night even though he still has just over 1 week left of school. You know, the daaa-da-da-da-daaa-daaa(Commencement Suite) about a billion times. He had to wear a tie to play his cello in the orchestra and we went to get his shirt and tie from his 8th grade graduation - they were puny and he looked like Shrek when he grew in to a monster and burst through his clothes!
So we had to get an old shirt of John's and a tie from John's closet - we chose his Calvin/Harry Potter tie, and now the thing was to tie it, but we managed. (John was still at work.) The nice thing is, he fits in John's shoes, too.

may 021
Edward at G minus 2 years.


Maeghan said...

Oh how quickly they grow up! We need to remind ourselves to always cherish the moment.

Jewels said...

I agree. Only 2 more years till he goes to college! It seems like yesterday that he was born.