Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tiptoe-ing Through the Tulips

That's Edward in the light blue shorts on the left in front of the pack.

Saturday morning at 7 am our house was empty. This is rare for a day when we can usually sleep in, but Bridget was at a Gems all nighter, Maria was walking 3 miles downtown for the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation with friends, I had to set up a premarital seminar downtown for work, and John & Edward went out to Holland for a 5K for Habitat for Humanity where it is Tulip Time. They were given explicit instructions to get a picture of Edward running with tulips in the background so it would fit in with my caption for the day, but they told me I was trying to write our history in Blog Headlines before it even happened! So ok. Whatever. Edward finally broke the 19:00 barrier and came in at 18:58, 13th place overall out of 375 runners. Good job, Eddie! He said the finish line came up a lot sooner than he expected, so he didn't have a chance to sprint at the end. When I was downtown, I thought about looking for Maria, but I was dealing with some internal abdominal-type issues, so I came to the peace & quiet of home. It is such a gorgeous, sunny day here in West Michigan!

I was thinking of how yesterday, when I left work, Sharon asked me what we had going this weekend, and at the time, all I could think of was the seminar I had to set up, so I just said, something, but I can't remember what. And this reminds me of how when Edward was in preschool and we would be all excited and ask him what he did today, and he would always say,"Three things, but I don't remember what they were." This is what living in the present moment is like, and when you write or talk about it, you just have to shift tenses depending upon how you feel at the time, and sometimes this can happen in the middle of a sentence.
Go Eddie, Go!


Aunt Mar said...

Great job Ed!!! Who took the pictures if John and Ed were both running?

Jewels said...

John didn't run, he took the pix.

Aunt Andrea said...

Hey Ed,
Your cousin is running Track at the WJrHS and ran the mile in 6 min, finishing 1st for Willard, and 2nd overall. He would like to break into the fives friday, not bad for a beginner huh?

Jewels said...

Good job, Sam!