Monday, May 01, 2006

Turning in to Oma

This evening, we watched Bridget's softball game at Whistlestop park. She's on a fastpitch team in the 11-12 year old girl's league. I didn't put much forethought in to what I was wearing though I did think ahead to the umbrella part, mainly because there was an actual umbrella in the van when I got there and saw that it was starting to rain. So I proceeded to watch the game in my shorts, and John met me there in his jeans. John says I always dress for the moment I'm in when I leave the house and sometimes he just plans on having a jacket along because he thinks of these things. This, in part, is why we are well suited for each other. It was drizzling and then raining and growing colder, but we were winning the game and the excitement kept me warm. Then there was the mother who yelled, I mean cheered through the game, and it was all positive. At one point, she commented that she should take aspirin before the game and that made me laugh which always makes me warmer. I got some popcorn, and the digestion of that raised my body temperature enough above freezing to keep me alive. As I was getting the popcorn, I noticed they sold hot tea at the concession stand so I kept this in mind for later warming potential. I maybe sat through another inning when the chorus of old ladies in my head nudged me to ask John for 50 cents and he wondered at how I had already blown through that entire dollar on just popcorn. But thankfully, I got the 50 cents and went over to the concession stand. So now I had to figure out how to ask for tea at a concession stand. I mean, I saw it on their menu, but to think that your basic kid working there would know what to do to make it! Suddenly, an older man appeared, and I inquired about their tea. He seemed to know what I was talking about, but had no idea how much tea could come from a tea bag, so I told him I only had 50 cents, so in other words, I could only afford the small styrofoam cup. So he drew hot water out of their brand new cappucino machine and I really wanted to interject that when you make tea, it is better to pour the hot water over the tea bag, but oh well, one tea bag makes a pretty strong cup of tea in just a few seconds in a small styrofoam cup. I thoroughly enjoyed having my spot of tea under the umbrella. Oma would have been so proud.

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