Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Weather

Maria just asked me to check the weather for their class field trip tomorrow. They are going on the big eighth grade trip to Cedar Point! It's about 4 hours away from here but only an hour from my birthplace. So I went over to weather.com and plunked in the city and state since I don't know the zip code for Sandusky, Ohio. Soon the weather popped up, "Sunny & 62 degrees", so I sat back and proclaimed, "Perfect." But my ever so wise teenage daughter Maria says, but isn't that right now? So I had to go back and look for tomorrow's forecast which was almost better - 74 degrees and partly cloudy.

Here's a picture of a few year's ago when Maria & Bridget went with Grandma, 2 Aunts & 2 cousins.

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