Thursday, May 11, 2006

What IS that?

may 001

I could have done a better job of photographing this salad, but oh well. I made it yesterday after I got the recipe at work. (We opened our staff meeting with a short "Cooking Class" yesterday.) Bridget had a softball game at 5:30 pm, and this worked out so well because I put it in the refrigerator for the family to eat it when they could. I took some to the game in a plastic cup and just looked so together and organized and well prepared, like I am usually not. (John, can you spare 50 cents for popcorn?)

2-3 chicken breasts (cooked and cubed)
½ c. slivered almonds
8 oz. Coleslaw mix
1 pkg. Ramen noodles (chicken flavored)
1 tbsp. sugar
¼ c. vinegar
1/2 c. salad oil
Flavor pkg. from Ramen
Mix together almonds and broken Ramen noodles in pan. Brown in oven at 350 degrees for a few minutes. Add chicken to coleslaw mix in a large bowl. Boil ingredients for the dressing for 5 minutes. Pour the hot dressing over the chicken & coleslaw. Then mix in the almonds & noodles.

This was so good that I actually made it again tonight for supper as a side dish. As we were all sitting around the table, I told the kids it was just like eating a bowl of cereal. It really did give me the same after taste as a bowl of Shredded Wheat. And I was amazed at how the kids all proceeded to tell of a time when I told them the lasagna tasted like ice cream, or the spinach tasted like candy, or the squash tasted like pudding. I never mean to be deceptive about it at all. It's just that when it tastes so good, I have a need to express it to the kids in terms that they know.


Maeghan said...

Hi Julia,
I couldn't find any other ways to make my son eat food given to him and so I always end up getting him to try one mouthful. If he likes it, good and if not, we try something else. I am now applying that even to his reading - "just read one chapter, like it?"

Anonymous said...

I made this for Mothers Day without the chicken and I loved it but my family was just o.k. with it I will try the chicken next time. I still like the recipe and it was easy to make.