Sunday, June 11, 2006


Eighteen years ago today, John & I were married in a beautiful wedding in Celeryville. We had a outdoor reception under a big red and white tent and if I had a scanner that worked, I'd show a picture.

Today, at church, we celebrated the Lord's Supper. Last night, our friends had asked us how we do that at our new church and we really didn't know. I wasn't concerned about their method, I just knew they would make it a celebration. The pastor mentioned how they had just stopped at the grocery store to get the bread & grape juice, and I laughed when he said how many times they had to go back home before they came to church because they forgot something, because that sounds just like our family.

For communion, our pastor held the bread and grape juice, and we went up individually to receive it by dipping the bread into the grape juice. I noticed how much it tasted like a grape jelly sandwich when you eat it this way, and it was a comforting thing since I had not had one since I was a kid. On my walk this afternoon, I was thinking about that and I wondered if that was irreverent, but then I thought, well no, this comforting aspect of the Supper reminds me of the great comfort we have in His grace.

After church, I was talking to Jeremiah, the band leader, and it turns out, he and his wife Julie are celebrating their first anniversary today! I was so excited because John & I are celebrating our 18th today. Being the band leader, he marched right up to the mike to lead everyone in a rousing edition of "Happy Anniversary", to the tune of "Happy Birthday". It was so cool because it is just another way to connect. We talked briefly with them about a few memories of our respective weddings.

John and I are going to plant a Peony plant this afternoon in honor of our anniversary since they always bloom during this time of year.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm curious. Did you get the peony planted and if so, what is the color? What a nice reminder of your anniversary and the beautiful wedding your parents gave you!
Love, Mom

Jewels said...

We got a red one in honor of the big red and white tent. Oh wait, we got red because that's all we could find at a store near us :) We planted it right away out front!

Sister Mary said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember that day - it was beautiful. Do you remember the story of your ring bearer peeing in a cup and almost dumping it into the punch bowl?

Jewels said...

I don't believe it!