Thursday, June 01, 2006


Maria has been working on a history project on the computer for several hours here, while Edward has been busy studying for finals. Bridget went to Greenfield Village today and rode around in a Model T, and she's still pretty excited. Meanwhile, I have been very focused on preparing for the arrival of the Queen Mother and her Royal Consort (ie. Mom & Dad) because they are coming to GR for a wedding this weekend. In the midst of all this focus going on, Edward got a call for a summer job interview, so with zero hesitation, we whipped in to the car to go get a haircut. It is always good to be able to see the interviewee's eyes during an interview, I always say.
Arg!!!! It's past my bedtime. I was distracted by the National Spelling Bee Finals which John was watching, and it got so exciting! So I better go get back on track...


Maeghan said...

I found out only recently that Spelling Bee contests are the rage in the States. I manage to catch one on EPSN (I think) one afternoon and whoa ... it was intense and hard work. But I was impressed. That was the only one time I saw it.

Maeghan said...

the Queen Mother and her Royal Consort

LOL ... i like the titles. Very befitting for sure.

Jewels said...


If you ever get the chance to see the documentary "Spellbound" it shows how these kids prepare for the Spelling Bee, and it is soemthing!
One of the words a semi-finalist got wrong the other night was "heiligenschein" and it was almost making me dizzy the way he kept pronouncing it over & over!

Yes, if you knew my mom... she's a riot!

Sister Mary said...

We all got sucked into the spelling bee finals as well. Wasn't that amazing? Ever since, Tiff's been having spelling contests with her boyfriend. They're spatting over the spelling of simpler words, however. Like possum, or oppusum?