Saturday, June 03, 2006

HRH The Queen Mother

The Queen Mother has been gracing our humble abode, and since I started I writing this, I realized that if she is the Queen Mother that would make me ... the Queen! She refers to me simply as Princess Julianna, however. She came up from Celeryville in her Klompen carriage.

We did our usual...
may 001
went to the import store where she bought her Leyden cheese and Hagelslaak (I feel like I'm in the National Spelling Bee with that one!) These are Dutch things that they like and can only get here. Then we went shopping and to lunch at Olga's.

In the afternoon, John, Edward, Bridget & I went downtown to the Festival of the Arts and listened to our church's band play:
may 002
They did In Christ Alone, I Want to Thank You and Rain Song and others. I came home and got stuck in the rain with my dog-sister Beatrix. Meanwhile, mom & dad have been at a wedding.
june 003
She is too tired to cooperate with being photographed.

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