Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Invention Convention

In this last week of school, Bridget's class is still busy at work. They had to think up an invention and make a model of it. Her invention was a pair of gloves that you could warm up by putting them in the microwave. Too bad there aren't any microwaves out on the sledding hill! She took a pair of mittens and put a baggy of rice in them.

Then she had to name it. She was thinking of something like Toasty Mitts, but she wasn't sold on it. She would not go for my suggestion of "Balmy Palms"! I can't believe it. Finally, she decided to name her invention "Finger Furnace". Ninety-five percent of an invention is the name, that's what I always say. At least it is for the kind you make in fifth grade!

So today, on 6/06/06, she was showing it in the gym. I stopped by to see her and many people (about 80!) indicated on her sign-up sheet that they would indeed purchase this invention!

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Anonymous said...

I am behind in your family life so I am playing catch up. I love the idea the invention I would buy them.