Friday, June 09, 2006

Moving On

Maria graduated last night as a member of the last graduating class of her school. The school is merging with another school under a new name, and so, that is the end of Cutlerville Christian after 113 years.

Maria was recognized as a Salutatorian of the class.

The Principal wished them good times ahead, but also times that were harder so they might draw nearer to God.
june 036

Maria & Marie have been best friends since 1st grade (Marie was the Valedictorian) They are pictured below with their final project which displays what their Christian education means to them (all they have learned revolves around a cross.)
june 011

Maria & I made a Lime Chiffon cake to have when the grandparents came over after graduation.
june 052

She graciously posed with her grandparents.
june 054

And then with her family:

june 056

And so, it was a very good day.


Aunt Andrea said...

Congratulations Maria!! A Salutatorian just like your mother. I'm sure your family is very proud.
Love, Aunt Andrea

Jewels said...

Thanks Aunt Andrea!

Sister Mary said...

Congrats Maria! Smart and beautiful. Wow!

Jewels said...

Thanks Aunt Mar!