Friday, June 02, 2006

Sissy 3

Yes! I saw Sissy, dressed as cute as ever, today again at the grocery store in the produce department. True to my word, I went over and asked her if she was "Sissy" and she replied, "Why, yes!" I told her the story of how I wondered who she was and how I saw her cars, "Sissy 1" and "Sissy 2". She told me she also has a "Sissy 3" which is an old Lincoln Continental. I told her I thought her outfits were so cute and she said she really appreciated me coming up to tell her that! She proceeded to shop around the melons for awhile, and as I was leaving the produce department, I noticed her standing in a group of old people and being introduced to someone else as "Sissy." So now I know it's true. And this is no small town I live in.
Another thing happened tonight that was rather unique...
We went out to eat at Chili's Restaurant(about a mile away) with my mom & dad when they got here. We had the nicest waiter and his name is Gerrit which is quite unusual. After we ate, on our way out to the car, I was talking about how nice our waiter was. Then Mom told me that today, June 2, would have been my grandfather's 100th birthday if he was still alive. His name was... Gerrit!

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