Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Building Cathedrals

Today at work I went to a class on mission integration where we considered how our own life's mission fit in to the mission of our organization which "is called to express the healing ministry of Jesus Christ... with professional excellence, Christian integrity and compassion." It is always good to step back and look at the bigger picture to regain a sense of purpose. I've been feeling a bit scattered lately, and Sharon reminded me that's part of being a mom. This, of course, is a most worthy mission - to be a good one.

I loved the story that Dr. Phil told us in this class:
There were 2 bricklayers working side by side on a project for a new cathedral somewhere in the city. He asked one what he was doing, and he said, "I'm laying brick, what does it look like?" But when he asked the 2nd one what he was doing, he replied, "I'm building a cathedral!"


Maeghan said...

yup ... you have 3 cathedrals to build and I one ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Julia!

This is the third time I have attempted to respond to your blog. I hope I have it right this time.

Having Mart's blog with yours has been a real treat. It gives me an opportunity to spy on your beautiful family. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your entries. You are a wonderful writer and very entertaining.

I have especially enjoyed your entries about your spiritual growth. So many people don't invest energy in that kind of thinking. You are a growing Christian with an open heart and mind. What a wonderful tool for our Lord.

You might enjoy searching our church website. The sermon is posted in streaming audio (if you have a fast connection) or print. We have been studying in Ephesians forever. Take a look/see and let me know what you think. It is www.gracechapelchurch.info. Our pastor is young (about 33) and very well-schooled. I always learn and am challenged.

Much love
Aunt Becky

Jewels said...

Hi Aunt Becky,

Thanks for your church's website. I started to listen to the last sermon and thought it was very good! I put it in my favorites to come back to when I have more time. I always appreciate new opportunities to learn about God's word - I don't think we can ever know enough!

Blessings to you! Julia

Jewels said...

Hi Maeghan,

Fruits, cathedrals, what will we come up with next to name them? ;)


Jewels said...

Aunt Becky,

By the way, don't feel like you are spying... You are more than welcome to be here!


Anonymous said...


I think it is a great idea to learn more about your spiritual life sometimes life gets so busy you forget the simple pleasures of life like star gazing - how awesome to see all those stars in the sky and to know God put them there.

You seem to have everything handled you are a great mother, wife, co-worker and you still find time to learn and grow spiritually you are my hero!


Jewels said...

Wow Toni, thanks. It's easy when you have great co-workers!