Monday, July 10, 2006

Eight Below


I haven't seen a good dog movie since... hmmm, probably Homeward Bound. There's nothing like a good dog movie. "Eight Below" almost rates up there, the scenery is awesome. It is "inspired by a true story", whatever that means. I think it means you have to make up a lot because you never truly know what actually happened to the dogs. I enjoyed it since I probably won't be getting to Antarctica soon. The scene at the end where you are waiting for the dogs to come over the hill is reminiscent of Homeward Bound. It also brings back memories of when our cat Leo disappeared for the weekend. Monday morning, after the kids had gotten on the bus, he came up the small hill in to our cul-de-sac meowing his head off at me. If they would only "get inspired" to make a movie of Leo's great weekend, I would know what happened to him and what he was trying to tell me.

By the way, Mom, my dog sister Beatrix would love this one!


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