Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mancala-playing Kitty

We, as a family, like to imagine our cat Leo's inner life. He is always thinking about whether he wants to go inside to eat his dry food or if he would rather go outside to stalk a juicy bunny. He knows when the bathroom door shuts, he needs to start meowing to get in to see what's going on in there without him. He longs for the sweet birds on the deck to come just a little closer so he can chew their heads off. And if he ever catches any type of rodent, he will bat it between his soft white kitty paws and tease the vermin unmercifully to a slow death. He needs forgiveness for this if there is any type of cat heaven.

He sometimes displays a competitive streak:

june 020
Kitty stalking his next move against Maria.

june 018
He pounces for the victory!

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