Monday, July 24, 2006

Praise Him

Last Sunday evening at 6 pm we had our church's worship service on the Grand River again. It was ideal - 70's, sunny, low humidity - about a 30 degree drop from last week. Hopes were high and hearts were full. But sometimes I've learned, ideals can get in the way.

Our precious band, or I should say my image of our precious band, was down on the river front, playing their beautiful music. Much to my dismay, they had been joined by 3 somewhat plump singers standing at an angle like 3/4 of a gospel quartet, singing, complete with motions. Not my style. I wondered what was going on and all the noise in my head was getting in the way of what I should have been thinking of... But I didn't come to hear "gospel singers"...they're so old...old, young, we're all people, made in His image....but they think they're so cool...these people are praising him, too, in their own way...if anyone walks by, they won't want to stay here...who do they think they are? ...that's what church is all about, different people learning to get along....why are they ruining it? I was trying to talk my illogical head in to thinking right. Maybe it was like those cartoons with the angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. I knew my attitude was wrong, but I couldn't stop. It was relentless, and I was struggling.

Then we sang these words, "I'm coming back to the heart of worship, and it's all about you, it's all about you, Jesus, I'm sorry Lord for the things I've made it, when it's all about you..." It was like His Soft Voice gently reasoned with my illogical head, and the unexpainable peace that passes understanding took over at that moment. And I was glad.

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Maeghan said...

:o) I know what you mean ... we are too human sometimes and think too much about how things "we" thought should be rather than how things God himself wants it to be, since he is the one who is being worshipped. I am always reminded that the center of worship (which is our whole of life, in what we do) is God and not ourselves. Thanks for reminding me again.

Beverly said...

It's human nature to get off track once in awhile. It's truly a blessing when He shows us His way!

Jewels said...

Amen to that Queen Mother!