Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Edward came back from the Youth Unlimited Convention in Arizona last night at 12:45 am. Maria & Bridget were so excited that they stayed up late to see him. When he came home, they stood at the door and bounced up & down. And I know he was glad to be home.

Today, they are getting a good dose of what they were missing. Edward was explaining to Bridget why the new cell phone number which ends with "8910" is a good number - because it has 3 numbers in a row - 8,9,10 - and when you learn to count that high, you will know... I looked over at them to see how she was taking this rather derogatory comment which I have to admit, struck me as a bit funny. Bridget was just looking at me, beaming, and said, "Eddie and I are having togetherness."

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Anonymous said...

Aaaahh! What an adorable picture. This is a moment to treasure to see all the kids getting along - what a wonderful family!


Jewels said...

Thanks tone...