Saturday, July 15, 2006

Where's Waldo?


One really great thing about camp and modern technology is when your kid goes to camp for a week they can put pictures of them on the internet so you can see what he/she is doing. It's fun to look for Bridget's picture everyday. In the above picture, a happy and smiling Bridgie in a dark green shirt is between the camp counselor in navy blue and the girl in orange.

It has been a bit quieter around here without our Bridget. John & Edward ran in the Lakeshore Miracle 10K this morning. It is a race that sounds more like an obstacle course, over and under branches, along a beach, up a 200 foot dune and back down (they felt like they were walking on the moon). It is said that in this race, you take your worst 10K time and add 1o minutes which turned out to be true. Add to this race the heat and high humidity and you have a recipe for self-inflicted torture. Edward finished 38th out of about 160 runners and John was somewhere in the middle.

Tonight, John took us to see the new Pirates of the Carribbean movie - very action packed and full of adventure. John loved the Pirates of the Carribbean ride at Disney Land when he was a kid, so being excited, he started to talk like a pirate when we were waiting in line for tickets. Edward & Maria still went with us though.


Maeghan said...

A great day! complete with pirates :o)
We have not gone to see that yet.

softballqueen0426 said...

i actually get how to do the motions to the song but jessie looks confused and elise looks like she is kind of frusterated.