Friday, July 21, 2006

Yo Quero Taco Bell?

So Edward got a phone call yesterday for his 3rd interview at Taco Bell. He's going to have it next week after he gets back from Arizona where he is having an almost south of the border training (Youth Unlimited Convention). I'm starting to wonder if he's interviewing for the CEO position or something! It does help to know the mascot...

june 034

Actually, I took this picture this morning at work where we celebrated Bastille Day. They were having a Poodle-Look-Alike contest but Sharon must have thought it said Chi Hua Hua-Look-Alike! Her dog used to be a terrier before he had a run in with a skunk and got shaved but that's another episode. His name is O'Malley which just goes to show you the truly international character of this dog.

Maria & I tried to bring Leo, but he would not cooperate:
In this picture, he looks like he is being tortured. This was right after we took him out of our van where he was making those "mmmmmwwwrorwwww" sounds that cats make when they don't know what's going on, and you just better be getting me out of here before I turn in to a bad dream and start clawing your eyes out.

Our excitement continued today with the return of Bridget from camp. She had so much fun and has been telling us the longest run-on sentence, which started about an hour ago, and began with, "So, do you want to hear about the big storm?" They were evacuated from their cabin at bedtime and had to go somewhere safe where they sang over 100 songs till after midnight!
june 039
Bridgie is happy to see Maria!

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