Monday, August 21, 2006

Camping Genes

It turns out that Bridget didn't get enough of the camping experience. John asked her to set up the tent this afternoon to vacuum it out, and she happily complied since she loves the whole scene and she is a very good camper. (I know those genes come from her dad's side of the family, so don't go saying I never give him credit for any of the good genes in our kids.) She completed the process in about 45 minutes and much to John's surprise, even put on the rain fly, or whatever that thingy is called.

june 057
Can't you just hear her saying, "Mom, is this really a bloggable moment?"

june 059
She was this far after my 2 mile walk.

june 061
She's a Winner!


Gracie said...

Go Bridget. Perhaps it was my influence?? Yes. That's a joke!

Jewels said...


You definitely contributed to her enjoyment of the trip!

runningisfun said...

It really was a bloggable moment.