Monday, August 28, 2006

First Day

I still remember like it was yesterday when Bridget was just 1 year old and we were sitting out at the bus stop waiting for Edward to come home from kindergarten. Filled with great expectation, we looked together eagerly to the north from where the bus would come. As it rounded the corner and headed the final one-tenth of a mile down the street, Bridget let out a big "Bussssss" and I have been puzzled ever since as to why she chose this as her first word to speak out loud.


Now Bridget is 11 years old and the bus which comes from the north is one of the fundamental properties of her existence. Imagine our shock then when the bus approached us from the south this morning! To add further to the delirium, she is the only one from the cul-de-sac getting on this year. In its hey-day, the bus had about 8 kids from our stop get on, and now she alone gets on as the others have all gone on to college or high school. In the picture above, she is taking it all in stride.

school 007

Yes, even high school kids love to have their photo taken on the first day of school!


Maeghan said...

Hi Julia,
Looks like it has been too long since I dropped by :)
Great pictures! Pretty subjects makes great pictures too! ;)

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