Saturday, August 12, 2006

Homerun Kitty

This morning, we got up bright and early to watch Edward run in the Homerun 5K over at Whitecaps Stadium. He seemed to be quite a bit better, but one never knows. We were greeted at the park by a balloon animal-making clown, and I felt so sorry for him because he had to be a clown so early in the morning! He came walking up to us and asked Ed what kind of animal he likes. "Kitty," I offered. So the clown made Ed a kitty as I chatted with him. When my kids were younger, they would have all been scared of the clown, so I'm used to doing the talking. He made me a flower bracelet in exchange.

june 031
Yes Andrea, that's a shadow of me taking his picture. I put that here for you!

Edward ran the race, but disappointingly, the prednazone he is on for his poison ivy was giving him severe nausea. He just missed getting a medal for his age group, so he settled for the balloon kitty today.

june 035


Maeghan said...

Calvin is terrified of clowns, good to know he is not alone in this :)

Maeghan said...

I hope Ed is better by now.

Jewels said...

Hi Maeghan,
Glad you're back to blogging! Edward is looking a lot better but is not quite back to normal.
I think even John is not a fan of clowns - when we passed the clown later, he said to me, "I don't feel like interacting with the clown again." That makes me laugh whenever I think of it!

Anonymous said...

OK. I think I should clarify that my not wanting to interact with the clown wasn't because I am afraid of clowns. It's just that a little interaction with a clown goes a long way with me.

During our first run in with the clown, he asked us what our favorite animal was and whipped together a few balloon creations. After Ed realized he didn't want to carry his balloon kitty with him during the race and handed it to me and after I realized I didn't want to run around with a baloon kitty while watching the race, I brought it back to the car. Upon returning to the scene, the clown, seeing that I was empty handed, eagerly approached me again to ask me again what my favorite animal was. So...after shoeing him away once more, when we crossed paths with him again trying to get to the finish line before our son, the last thing I felt like doing was being stopped to answer the "what's your favorite animal?" question.

Husband John

Bob said...

Too funny! What a persistent clown! Do you suppose he got paid a commission for every balloon animal he made or was he just really into spreading the balloon animal joy?

Jewels said...

I would say he was just in to being a clown at 7:30 am on a Saturday morning and spreading his balloon animal joy.

Maeghan said...

LOLOL ... that was really funny! Yeah ... I can imagine what it's like to run carrying a yellow kitty balloon!

Jewels said...

It would probably slow you down :)