Thursday, August 31, 2006

Maria's Self-Portrait


Maria drew this self-portrait while looking in the mirror. So is this the opposite of what how we see her? I think so! My first reaction when I saw it was how good it was and my second was that her part was on the wrong side!

We are headed up "Up North", as true Michiganders say, for a few days, so I'm hoping for a few days of fun with the family. Just when I was getting used to the pick-up-Maria routine, they go and give us a 4 day weekend.


Maeghan said...

Excellent! Especially love it how she drew the hair ... and the eyes.

Gracie said...

hope ur weekend was great. we missed u today.
i'm impressed with maria's work, too.

Jewels said...

Thanks Maeghan & Gracie for the comments on Maria's drawing!

Grandma said...

Hi Maria!
Your self-portrait is great! I attempted one but all I got was an old lady! I used the website: