Wednesday, August 02, 2006


So our dear Nellies are down in Celeryville to spend a week with their awesome Grandma. John, the girls & I met Mom at the Wendy's in Coldwater to do the Nellie-transfer on Monday and I must say it seemed almost effortless but come to think of it, I was not driving.

After the transfer was made, John stopped at Walgreens to get something snacky for the road. I told him to get something gooberish for me. He came out with Reeses' Pieces which is a far cry from goobers but oh well. I was not driving. He later asked, What is in goobers, again? This took me by such total surprise since "goobers" is almost a household name at our house. I eat them like potato chips. He also got a can of cashews for himself because he loves them and because he said they were only 2 bucks. He seemed like he had not eaten in a week as he ingested 1000 calories worth of cashews. I had to do the math.

So the girls are having fun this week with grandma and the cousins, and later this week, they get to go down to Aunt Mar's for a night. I was thinking about how we always used to go stay at Aunt Becky's for a few nights every summer and we always loved this. I remember that rasberry drink mix that tasted like something from Narnia, and looking for constellations, of which I can still only find "The Big Dipper" and Orion's Belt. And it was so exciting that we had these cute little cousins, one of which left for Africa. But she has a blog now, so I hear more from her than ever. And since she is just a few degrees north of the equator in Uganda, she can see the same constellations as we can.

And speaking of blogs and constellations, I know that tonight, my dear Nellies in Celeryville will be reading this, looking at the same constellations as we are, and keeping in touch. As Edward would say, that's Nelly-rific.

The Nellies


Maria said...

Hey Mom
Today we went on a hike through the Mall and then went swimming. It was very fun!
Hope you're haveing fun!!
<3 Maria

Grandma said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed the "Nellies" and consider it such a privilage to be their Grandmother. I hope they will always remember their time in Celeryville as part of their growing up. It seems as though these memories always "sick with you" through your adult lifehood.

Grandma said...

I hope the "Nellies" will always remember their summer visits to Celeryville. I consider it such a privilege to be their Grandmother and hope they have fond memories of their time with us.

Sister Mary said...

The Nellies had a great time down in "the Bury", (that's Sunbury for all you northerners). We (Becky the neighbor and I) kept them super busy. We didn't chop the heads off chickens and cook them for dinner or anything(thanks, Aunt Becky for the mentals scars)but we did go out back and pick blackberries and make a delicious milkshake. Maria took many pictures so I expect to seem some soon.