Monday, August 07, 2006

Pass It On

Bridget's school has officially merged with another Christian school, so this fall, she will have a lot of new kids in her middle school class. She is very excited about this opportunity to meet new kids. This week, she is taking a 2 hour per day Study Skills class over at school in preparation for 6th grade with all the kids in the combined class.


What happened next kind of shocked my heart and made it melt in to my chest cavity. I received a call this afternoon from a mother of a 6th grade boy in Bridget's class. Now this can make one wonder what one did wrong or what one is about to be asked to do. I don't know this mother that well, but I do know her a little bit from some school activities. Anyway, this very perceptive mother went on to tell me what Bridget did. She thought it was so sad how the groups of girls were not interacting and then, she witnessed Bridget going over to the new girls to introduce herself. She said there was a clump of girls & mothers from one school standing in one place and a separate clump of girls & mothers from the other former school standing in another place, and Bridget bravely left her friends and walked up alone to the other clump and said, "Hi, I'm Bridget." This very kind mother wanted to pass that along since so often all that is passed along is the negative about kids, and I think that is really the best part of this post - that she took the time to pass it on.
Stay tuned for the Nellie Buckeye Travelogue.


Grandma said...

Hi Julia!
Just wanted to let you know that when Bridget was here, Page, Allie and she went swimming at Holiday Lakes at Paula's. I was sitting on the dock watching the girls swim. Across the cove were 3 other girls in the water. They were just about the age of ours and I heard our girls "rehearse" what they were going to say when they crossed the cove to play with the other girls. I heard, "Hi! I'm Bridget!", "Hi! I'm Allie!", "Hi!I'm Paige!" They made their way across and soon all the girls were playing and having a great time!

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Bob said...

What a girl!

Jewels said...

You wonder what your kids do when you're not around, and what's really amazing is when somebody tells you!