Monday, August 07, 2006

Quest to Columbus

If you are new to this blog, trust me, it's not always so corny. Summer is long and we are all ready for school to begin.

Once upon a time, there were 2 Wolverine princesses, both nick-named Nellie, but in true reality, they were Princess Maria and Princess Bridget. They had heard all their life about the great rivalry between the kingdoms of the Buckeye and the Wolverine. They didn't know anything about football, but they decided to go to the land of the Buckeye to see what was so great. The history of their quest has been recorded heretofore in this travelogue.

Upon their arrival in the land of the Buckeye, they were invited to tea with the Queen GrandMum and one of her Pages. The Queen GrandMum sent them on a quest to Columbus for there they were to seek the Holy Grail. Here the princesses would discover what was so truly great about this land.


They were first reacquainted with some of their blood kin and had to spend time frolicking with the puppies.

cousins 006

And they frolicked until the puppies grew tired whereupon they stuck their feet in the moat and rested with the puppies on their laps.

cousins 011

But soon they grew anxious to move on with their quest, so they joined hands with the blood kin and jumped the moat into the Velvet Castle.

cousins 001

Here they were greeted by their long lost Aunt Mary, who was the Queen of Sunbury. She thought she had an idea where the grail might be so she took them into the great castle with the great water wheel.

cousins 019

First, she fed them since they were hungry from their journey thus far.

cousins 038

While they were eating, Princess Bridget picked up the bright object lying nearby. "Could it be?" she inquired.

cousins 036

Princess Maria took the object. "Yes, it is this, the Holy Grail. Thank you, Aunt Mary-Queen of Sunbury and Queen GrandMum!"

cousins 037

The End.


Queen of Sunbury said...

And a great time was had by all. Your story is adorable. I hope the girls came forth with more information once they got all rested up. Did they tell you that the puppies are for sale?

Jewels said...

I think you told me they were for sale but that's where that story ends. Labs and little girls do not mix well.

Queen GrandMum said...

The "King" and I dearly loved your story and are so happy the Holy Grail has been recovered!

Bob said...

Refreshingly corny! I'm glad the kingdom of the Buckeye didn't disappoint. Those cousins look so cute together!

Jewels said...

Thank you King Queen and Bob for taking time to read this.

AirForceFun said...

*Chuckle* I love it

Anonymous said...

haha this made me giggle!!!!